Strict Discipline both in letter and spirits is required to be observed by the students. Any breach in discipline will render the students liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the Institute. The Principal/Executive Director of the institute shall be the sole and final authority in all matters pertaining to disciplinary action, interpretation of rules and all other relevant matters.


Rules & Regulations:

Students are required to strictly follow all the rules and regulations which are laid down by the Institute to properly regulate their academic and co-curricular activities.


Promotion Rules

First Year Class:

  1. The students of first year who fails to pass at least two (2) subjects of his technology in the Annual Examination shall not be promoted to the next higher class.
  2. A First Year student who pass in at least two (2) subjects of his technology in the 1st Year Annual Examination of that session shall be promoted to second year class. He will be allowed to appear in the forthcoming examinations in the failing subjects and that candidate has to pass his whole DAE (three year course) in the twelve consecutive examinations. A candidate who does not clear/pass his diploma within specified twelve number of chances, his registration will stand cancelled. A candidate who does not appear in any examination conducted by Board for any reason will lose his/her chance out of the twelve (12) prescribed consecutive chances from the date of his registration with retrospective effective introduction of annual system 1996-97.

a)            Second Year Class

A second year student who fails to pass in any number of subjects of 2nd year of his technology in the Annual examination of that session will be promoted to 3rd year class and will be required to e-appear in the failing course in the forthcoming consecutive examination.

b)           Third Year Class

A third year student who has passed at least two (2) subjects of 1st year and has completed the prescribed course of 2nd year becomes eligible to appear in the 3rd year Annual Examination of his session. In case he fails in any number of subjects in the Annual Examinations, he shall have to pass all the failing subjects in the forthcoming consecutive specified chances.

Award of Diploma

The successful candidates will be placed under the following categories.


Sr. No.





80% and above




70% or above & below 80%




60% or above & below 70%




50% or above & below 60%




40% or above & below 50%



Assessment Rules of Institutional Examination

  1. The institution will conduct one send up / Mid Term examination for the First, Second and Third year classes respectively during the academic session.


  1. The student has to appear in all the theory subjects of his technology and show satisfactory performance.

Attendance Rules

  1. A candidate must have completed overall attendance of 75% in all subjects.
  2. The Principal/Executive Director may condone overall attendance up to 10% shortage of attendance on the basis of genuine grounds produced before him for his satisfaction.
    • If a candidate is short of the required percentage of attendance at the time of submission of Examination Form and fee to the board but is likely to make up the shortage in due course of time, the Head of institution may send his Examination Form and fee provisionally to the board subject to confirmation when the candidate actually makes up the shortage. In case the candidate is unable to make up the shortage, the Principal/Executive Director of institution shall withdraw his candidature by writing to the Controller of Examination not later than 15th day before the commencement of the Examination.
    • The Principal/Executive Director will not send the Examination forms of the candidates having less than 65% attendance.
  3. No Examination form or fee shall be accepted unless it is routed through the Principal/Executive Director concerned.


  1. Attendance shall be counted on the basis of total number of contact hours of theory and Practical for which the classes were actually held during an academic session.


  1. If a candidate is officially sent to take part in some co-curricular activities, his percentage

of attendance will be counted on the basis of total attendance including the lessons/practical missed during the authorized absence.


  1. The detailed record of attendance shall be produced for inspection to the Board or on inspection of senior officer as and when required.

Special Chance

No special chance shall be given to any candidate under any circumstances after he has availed the prescribed total number of twelve (12) chances from the date of his registration.

Admission to Another Diploma Courses/Technology

After having qualified for the award of Diploma of Associate Engineer in one Technology, admission for second Diploma in another course/Technology is not allowed in regular program.

Improvement of Division/Grade

  1. A student of DAE can improve his grade / division / marks within one year after passing DAE
  2. He will be allowed to re-appear in maximum any three (03) subjects of his choice (theory component only) from whole course of DAE or improvement of division/grade.
  • In case a student does not improve the marks in any of three subjects, his old postings will be carried out.
  1. If a student wants to re-appear in more than three (03) subjects, he has to re-appear in all subjects of his technology (only theory components).


a)            The Grace marks will be awarded to only those candidates who have already appeared in 3rd Year Examination.

  1. Grace marks will be reduced from 1% to 0.5%
  2. 5% marks will be calculated excluding Practical / Session marks on the basis of aggregate marks of 1st,2nd, & 3rdyear of each Technology.
  • Grace Marks as above will not be awarded in more than two subjects.
  1. Not more than Six (6) Grace Marks will be awarded in one subject.
  2. Grace marks will not be awarded in Practicals.
  3. Grace marks will not be awarded to those candidates who are improving Marks / Grade / Division.



The following opportunities of higher education are presently available for the Diploma of Associate Engineer in Government and other recognized institutions.

  • BS Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Studies/Science
  • BSc/ B.Com./BBA/BA
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

offered by Engineering Universities and all other Institutions accredited with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). 

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