About Technology

Mechanical technology is a branch of technology science which deals with machines, tools, and equipment. Mechanical technology is the mother of all technologies i.e. Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication etc. have their origin with machines. So it is a fact that industries cannot produce any product without machines. In other words, industries cannot run without Mechanical technology.

There is a great demand for technically trained manpower in Mechanical field to meet technical requirements. Jinnah Institute is one of the best institute which is very successfully providing such trained technical manpower and it will be very helpful in progress of our country to meet the technological revolution in future.

Course Curriculum

3rd Year Time Table

Course Instructors

Meet our Faculty

Engr. Mehdi Hassan

BE in Mechanical Engineering (NED), BSc (KU)
Head of Department

Engr. Muhammad Iqbal

BE in Mechanical Engineering
Senior Instructor

Syed Ali Haider Zaidi

B.Tech. Hons. (Mechanical)
Sr. Instructor

Najeeeb Ullah Khan

B.Tech Hons.(Mechanical)
Senior Instructor

Khalid Aziz

DAE (Mechanical)
Tarde Instrutor

Adil Ahmed

Shop Assistant

Azam Uddin

Shop Assistant

Zahid Ahmed

Shop Assistant

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